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Step into your unique power & genius.

It's time to build a life, career, business, and lifestyle on YOUR terms by unlocking your unique genius and unshakable power.
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Life by Design,
Not by Default.

“A Leading voice in Success + Alignment."
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The Sovereign Woman® is the LEADING place to step into your power and unlock your unique genius.

Discover your life purpose, make better decisions, shift your future, and make your mark — even if you don’t have a clue what to do with your life.

“Everything you need is inside of you.”

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Meet Carolynne

I advise powerhouse women on radically shifting their future into living a lit-up life OF purpose, ON purpose.

We’re here to make a mark, it’s time to make yours.

Over the last decade, I’ve coached women from all over the world (just like you) who know they’re here for more but can’t quite figure out what or how to make it real.

Through my unique and innovative process, we work together on discovering your life purpose, plot your next move and coach you through the stuckness and courage gap — in an all-new way so you can make a life of meaning, fulfilment and impact.

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This is NOT another coaching course, success method, “how to manifest/create a vision-board” or blueprint to follow —

The School of Sovereignty is a 10-month intensive that is a bespoke and highly personalised experience.

Working at home

How it works

Too often, you can’t see what your genius is and you could spend your life searching for it. 

Imagine if you had the answer and were living it in just ten months. You will formulate your own unique roadmap AND receive coaching through the stuckness to make it happen!

All without sacrificing the life, career and relationships you have already created. We pivot not blow the whole thing up!

Unlike other programs, The School of Sovereignty is an innovative, bespoke experience without the huge 1-to-1 coaching price tag.


The Rapid Alignment Technique

Life by Design, Not by Default.

Once (cheekily)  described as

"if NLP, Myers-Briggs and Astrology had a love-child",

the technique is a completely bespoke approach to coaching

for the 21st century. 


Discover Your Unique Genius + Cheat Codes for  Life

Your Unique Genius is in your Human Design chart and we get to dig it out in a few short steps. 

Know Thyself Deeper with Human Design Analysis and Energetics


Cut-through-your-stuckness Coaching

Creating a life of meaning takes courage and you will be coached through the stuckness of building purpose into your life. 

From identity shifts to Human Design aligned questioning techniques.


Multi-modality Toolbox

Living your purpose takes a lifetime and the tools you’re taught in PiP are there for life for every eventuality. 

Meditation and hypnotherapy to Reiki and energy work.


Cutting-edge Coaching & Human Design


Work with Me

Pivot Into Purpose

6-Weeks to Dramatically Change Your Future without Blowing Up Your Life

Imagine your future 6-weeks from now where you have direction, a new lease of life, a purpose to fulfil and you're glowing from all the fun you're having. Yes, that's all within reach when you sign up to PIVOT INTO PURPOSE. 

Join 100s of Powerhouse Woman taking their power back and creating a live OF Purpose and On Purpose.

The School of Sovereignty

The School of Sovereignty is a New Paradigm, multi-modality, multidimensional Modern Mystery School for women who desire more aliveness + fulfillment.

Serving up spiritual cheat codes to living well and knowing thyself deeper. A 12-month Immersion into your Divine Design, Intuition Training & Mindset Deconditioning.

One-to-One Coaching

Aha moments in every session with bespoke mentoring to transform your life and beyond. Multi-modality & strategy based coaching to guide you to your next level of your lit-up life.

12-week immersions are available now to Find Your Life Purpose and create a Lit-up Life of Alignment.