Human Design Intensives

1:1 Readings & Coaching with Carolynne Alexander

What are they?

Part Human Design Analysis, part rapid transformation session to accelerate your life and business using Human Design as your guide.


Highly transformative and filled with aha moments, these 90-minute HD Intensives will give you breakthroughs, a deep understanding of yourself and tangible actions to apply to your life (and business).


Shift the stuckness, reconnect with your authenticity, and remember who you ARE.


As an experienced 2/4 Emo Generator, with nearly two decades in self-development and coaching, I can speak to the spiritual and practical application of your Human Design - Merging the mystical with real-life pragmatism.


For those curious about;

  • Managing your time and energy if you're burning out, people pleasing, playing too small, not having confidence in your gifts or you're following the crowd.

  • Decision-making using your unique energy signature so you can stay in the ease and flow of life (yes, it's possible).

  • Working on the areas of life (and business) that are keeping you stuck, unmotivated, relying on willpower, not believing in yourself, stressed out, emotional and anxious. 

  • Discovering your talents, gifts, strengths and superpowers that you can lean into to accelerate your life (and business) beyond what is linearly possible. 


PLUS, for the Business Intensive

  • Casting an experienced eye over your current offerings, business strategy, online presence to find the gaps (aka money leaks!), messaging, marketing, strengths and stuck points so you can boldly move forward with certainty, all using your Human Design as a guide.


Tangible Deliverables

(to soothe your logical mind)
  • In-depth, pre-session questionnaire to cut through to the heart of your needs and desires before your Intensive.

  • 90-minute session to analyse your chart and hold space for your aha moments.

  • Audio, video and (un-edited) transcript of the session for you to revisit over and over again.

  • Recommendations are emailed to you post-session including suggested rituals and practices.

  • 5-days post-session Voxer access to receive further clarity on your session.

They come in four flavours;


1 | Fundamentals - Covering 70% of your Human Design so you can make better decisions, harness your unique energy, know your role in life using your type, strategy, profile, aura and your genius. 

249 GBP

2 | Advanced - Getting deep into the details, shifting limiting beliefs and energy around your stuckness with the centres, gates, channels, circuitry and planet positions. 


299 GBP

3 | Purpose - The one everyone wants! Answering the question: What am I here to do and how do I do it with an exploration into your genius, incarnation cross, nodes and more. 


349 GBP

4 | Business - Bringing every thing together for your business, we'll explore your genius, your message, your prosperity markers, money in your chart and so much more. 

499 GBP



And for a short time, you can get all three readings (excluding Business) for £888.

Buy all three and you have six months to book your sessions.