Why you're not building a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS by Human Design Type

(and what do do instead)

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Yes, it can be easy! And it gets to be fun. Please own your unique genius, we need your mastery and your energy when you talk about it. Enjoy the process.

You can build your business while serving others because being known for what you do is how you get to respond to opportunities.

Manifesting Generators

Own your multiple passions and step into your zone of genius. You are the niche!

Your values are your calling card. How YOU do something is the business, not just WHAT you do.

Stay out of your head and get into your body.

Generators & Manifesting Generators

You're fighting against doing what you love because you've been told "work should be hard".

You may feel frustrated if you're just working for people instead of building something of your own.

MGs, you've also been told to niche down.

How does that feel for you?


You've been taught to get out and make it happen and that's just not your style.

You're a wise owl with a bird's eye view and when we need you, we'll ask.

We love you for your insight, not what you can do for us.

Work doesn't have to be a slog. Your business can support you if you build it right.

White space in your schedule is your time to intentionally rest.

Prepare to get invited and be ready to do your thing.

Get your systems set up to guide us and give us your valuable insight.


Your speed scares you because everyone else around you can't see the next step.

Your ideas are so big that you wonder how you'll do them all.

You're really not the type to be told want to do so you think everyone is like that so you don't delegate.

Get on with it if you've got the urge! Yes, you can move that fast.

Tell your audience and your team what you're doing next.

Remember, if you're early to the party, you're leading the rest of us. You're meant to be at the front so lean into leading. We will follow you.

Get some help. Initiate projects and then hand them over to a Generator or MG. They have the power.


You keep being told to niche down. You keep trying to define yourself in your IG bio and you change it everyday.

You were told don't be judgy when you were a kid so you keep your insights to yourself. But we need that! You keep us in line with your calibration magic.

Protect your energy and be very choosy about your inner circle.

Be ok with spending time alone to recalibrate. Explain to your team that's your way of being.

Automate your business as much as possible so you can work with your energy instead of constantly stepping into other people's energy, especially on social media.

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