Human Design Open/Undefined Head Centres have a big problem

70% of the population have an open/undefined head. Our biggest not-self theme/shadow is taking on too many ideas.

And you wonder why social media is so effective?! It keeps us constantly in idea mode instead of execution mode.

The 7 days I spent off the socials was a revelation. I thought I had distraction on lock but noooooo. Distraction and numbing wasn't the problem, it was all the shiny ideas!!!

After 2 weeks of no socials, I'm on FIRE!!

All the creative downloads, sleeping on them, reviewing then the taking BIG ACTION.

Open/undefined heads looooooove all the shiny ideas. And if we don't spend time in our own energy to tap into intuition, we're not leading our lives... we're following someone else's!

If you have an open/undefined head then I'd absolutely recommend limiting your socials and/or being aware of "is that my idea or a shiny thing".

WANNA KNOW MORE... The HD Cheat Codes are 23 pages of knowing thyself deeper. And you can find out if you have an open/undefined head... so you get get off the socials (irony!)

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