There are 3 secrets that Woman of Purpose know that "Girl Bosses" haven't discovered yet

Anyone else swinging from being a Girl Boss to a Woman of Purpose?

C'mon, be honest.

I have my moments where I get all "hustle mode" about work.

Then I quietly have a word with myself, bring myself back to the present and remember my BIG reason why I do what I do.

P.S. Your life’s purpose is hidden in your human design a chart.


Women of Purpose: Goes to sleep feeling fulfilled and excited about tomorrow.

Girl Bosses: Exhausted from the day and wired from caffeine and stress.

Women of Purpose: Wakes up energised about new opportunities.

Girl Bosses: Wakes up dreading having the same schedule as yesterday, last week, last year.

Women of Purpose: Has direction, is lit up every day to make progress yet happy with where she is.

Girl Bosses: Always looking at the reward, plodding to "success" and will be relieved when she gets the "prize" at the end.

So, if you're hustling.

Make sure you know where you're going, enjoy the journey and have a reason bigger than you.

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