Why you're not fully living your purpose as a Gen/MG

There's something in the air right now because when I do a HD reading for someone, 9/10 times they ask "what is my purpose and why am I here".

It's in your chart, it take a little bit of contemplation to nail it but it's there as plain as day. After that, it's hard to ignore because the Universe starts throwing opportunities to you.

But then, you get stuck.

It's not uncommon to discover your genius and then feel paralysed about making it happen. The stuckness you feel is because of the life and identity you have right now. Who wants to rock the boat, right?

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It's not that you don't want to; you've got the drive. You're a Sacral Being, after all.

Something else is stopping you.

You think it's because you're not sure what to do next.

That's part of it.

But really, you're scared of upsetting others.

Yup, it's that good girl conditioning and going with the flow to please everyone.

Ouch! Are you feeling seen?

Yup, you're stopping yourself from living your most authentic life of purpose because you're scared of becoming who you're meant to be, and you think the people around you won't like it.

People will naturally gravitate towards you when you step into your power or be repelled by you. It's an energy thing.

I get it; being alone on your mission is heartbreaking, but I guarantee (cos I've been there) that it's worth upsetting a few people to live your most fulfilled and lit-up life.

If they're not celebrating who you truly are and your purpose, then they weren't on your team anyway.

And by default, you WILL attract the RIGHT people into your life. Imagine the late-night convos with incredible friends where you share your hopes and dreams without filtering what you say.

Damn, that feels good, right?!

You're not stuck; you've got the drive.

My question is this.

Are you willing to lean into the discomfort of navigating and becoming who you are while being comfortable to p!ss some people off?


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