Why your Head Centre in Human Design is driving you crazy

Have you seen those smart advertising boards? 

The ones that change when you walk past to advertise something they think you want. B is being targeted to buy a Samsung flip phone, kid you not! Every time we go past the billboard, it flips (no pun intended) to the same advert, freaky! 

(It's not me because I don't have my phone on me, that's how they target you, BTW.)

One of our biggest problems as modern humans is that you have inspiration everywhere. Not only inspiration but you're being sold to from every direction. 

70% of the population of the world has an open or undefined head.

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HEAD CENTRE = Pressure Centre

Where - The triangle at the top of your HD chart.

What - Pressure Centre - The pressure to ask and answer all the questions.

It's the centre where all ideas, inspiration, shiny things, questions, doubts and confusion live. It's a toddler asking "why" all the time. 

If it's defined, it's connected to the Anja, our sense-making and concept-forming centre. You have a flow of energy from the Head centre to the Anja centre so you can make sense of the world in a consistent way. 

If it's undefined/open, you don't have a channel for the energy to flow to the Anja. Instead, you tend to be overwhelmed. You bend to the pressure of too many ideas, shiny things and questions without the sense-making magic of the Anja.

Now can you see why you're susceptible to advertising, scrolling IG for inspiration, have too many ideas to execute and generally get stuck AF when you want to move forward with our lives?!

You can ask yourself these questions to clarify what you are thinking.

  • Does this question really matter to me, or am I being overly curious?

  • Do I concern myself with things (gossip, stories, SLBS - surface-level BS) that aren't relevant to my life?

  • What should I be thinking about?

  • How can I get clarity right now? 

Practical Actions

  • Meditation, obvs.

  • Time alone in your own energy without anyone else's energy. 

  • Focus your reading list/podcast list on only subjects you really want to learn about.

  • Turn off the socials for one day a week (or longer) to get clarity

I have an undefined head, and it causes me all kinds of problems. 

Good things - I get inspired from everywhere, so I get to blend all kinds of stories from multiple places into The Museletter.

Not so good things - Shiny things from all the places!!! My Pinterest board is where great ideas go to die.


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